Maintaining your fire

Australian Home Heating Association Inc. (AHHA) recommends that your wood heater should be serviced at least every 12 months. A regular service will ensure the important aspects of your wood heater are functioning correctly. Visit for more information.

Maintaining your wood heater ensures it is safe, efficient and clean burning.

  • The flue should be cleaned every year to avoid risk of flue fire and to increase efficiency.
  • Check the inside of the fire box and the external exit cowl to for obstructions.
  • Look inside the fire box for any cracking or splitting. Ensure the cast iron or firebrick lining is intact.
  • Check the baffle (inside top plate) is intact and in the correct position.
  • Check the door is sealing correctly. The glass should be free of cracks and you may need to replace the latch or rope seal.
  • If you have an inbuilt fan, make sure the blades are free of debris. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove ash build up.

Is you fire not performing?

There are other general use tips that will help your fire to burn efficiently. Read about how to light your fire.

If your fire heater needs replacement parts, you can visit us at Albany Eco House. We keep a range of parts in stock and are able to order in for many brands.

If you require a service, we can provide you with contact information of local businesses.

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