Installing a wood heater, you need a suitable flue kit.

      Default (Air-Cooled) Flue Kits are the most common style flue for wood heaters and cookers. The flue uses air to cool the outer flue as it goes through the roof cavity, this is called triple skin flue.

      The flue inside the room can have different looks to suit your home's styling and specifications. Walls with combustible material and framing will need shielding on the first 1m active flue to meet minimum clearances required by each individual fire.

      You an choose the look of the flue inside your home from:

      • Painted/unpainted stainless steel, with a heat shield to protect the wall behind the heater
      • Decorative mesh that goes around the active flue, with the 1/2 shield 1/2 open perforations
      • Solid/non perforated ( no holes )

      Room Sealed Flue Kits consists of 150mm (or 6”) active stainless steel flue that is wrapped in ceramic insulation, the outside flue made from a 200mm (or 8”) stainless steel and uses twist lock technology to connect all the lengths. There is no air loss around the ceiling or flue -perfect for high efficiency homes- and will save you on running costs and heat loss all year round.

      Inbuilt Flue Kits are designed for installations within masonry or framed cavities (zero clearance). 

      The minimum flue height recommended for minimum performance of wood burning appliances is 4m (from the top of the appliance to the top of the chimney cowl).

      Some Fires require 4.5 minimum for correct performance.

      Additional lengths, bends or flexi are priced individually and are on top of the price.

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