Our recycling station at Albany Eco House

Hi smart recyclers and zero-wasters!

We love that you are paying attention to the waste that is easily produced from everyday products that you use. There are heaps of ways to avoid producing waste in the first place but some things are more difficult than others.

There are many products that aren't currently recycled by most local councils. The City of Albany do a great job of their waste collection and recycling programs. See their website for details. 

If you want to reduce your waste and you're stuck on particular items like food wraps, coffee, household cleaners and skincare products – we probably have solution for you instore, or we can point you in the right direction. 


Here are some common questions we get from our beautiful customers:

What do you take at your free recycle station?

  • Nespresso pods [learn more]
  • Bread tags for wheel chairs [learn more]
  • Household batteries
    • Colgate oral care recycling program by Terracycle [learn more]
      • Toothpaste tubes and caps
      • Floss containers
      • Toothbrushes (plastic)
      • Electric toothbrush heads
    • Gillette razor recycling program by Terracycle [learn more]
      • All brands of blades and razors
      • Flexible plastic bag packaging from razors
      • Rigid plastic packaging from razors

    Our recycle station is free to use. You are welcome to contribute to the donation can we have on the shelf for Schield Centre Kindergarten Primary School [learn more].


    Are there other recycle stations in Albany?

    Aside from the City of Albany and Albany Eco House, you can try one of these locations to see what recycle programs they have available.


    Have more questions find more information about recycling in Albany? Contact Fossicker's Tip Shop at ---- located on Hanrahan Road,


    or contact us

    Send us an email to info@albanyecohouse.com.au.

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