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Wood fireplaces are great at keeping your family cozy and heating up your home during the cold season. Many homeowners also like the natural fire produced by a wood stove. How do you decide what kind of fireplace to buy?

Selecting the right wood heater can be a big decision, and choosing the right design is a large factor to consider. Along with external designs there is also the option of a freestanding or inbuilt wood heater.

It is important to identify the size, space and layout of your home and ensure you correctly measure the area of the rooms you want to heat.

The performance of your wood heating unit relies on how well your home is insulated. A well insulated home retains the heat, while poor insulation results in heat loss through the walls, ceilings and windows.

134 products found in Wood Fires

Regency Gosford Wood Fire
  • $3,050.00
Regency Hume Wood Fire
  • $3,050.00
Regency Alterra Wood Fire
  • $3,090.00
Kent Calisto Large Wood Fire
  • $3,095.00
Kent Caliente Wood Fire
  • $3,100.00
Jarrahdale Countryman Inbuilt Wood Fire
  • $3,100.00
Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 Insert Wood Fire
  • From $3,135.00
Hergom E-30M Wood Fire
  • $3,170.00
Morso 6143 Wood Fire
  • $3,175.00
Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 Wood Fire
  • From $3,180.00
Eureka Stockade Inbuilt Wood Fire
  • $3,200.00
Masport Creswick Wood Fire
  • $3,200.00
Eureka Jasper
  • $3,270.00
Yunca Xander Inbuilt
  • From $3,300.00
Masport Adena Wood Fire
  • $3,400.00
Charnwood Aire 7 Wood Heater
  • From $3,400.00
Hergom E-40M Wood Fire
  • $3,450.00
Jarrahdale Clydesdale Wood Fire
  • $3,455.00
Eureka Miner Wood Fire
  • $3,470.00
Hergom Vista Wood Fire
  • $3,575.00
Pacific Energy Summit Wood Fire
  • From $3,650.00
ADF Hayra Wood Fire
  • From $3,680.00
Charnwood Island II Wood Heater
  • $3,700.00
Charnwood Bay BX Wood Heater
  • From $3,800.00
Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Insert Wood Fire
  • From $3,815.00
Eureka Victorian Inbuilt Wood Fire
  • $3,845.00
Eureka Garnet Inbuilt Wood Fire
  • $3,845.00
Eureka Garnet Wood Fire
  • $3,845.00
ADF Linea 85 Inbuilt Wood Fire
  • From $3,850.00
Regency Bellerive Inbuilt Wood Fire
  • $3,899.00