ADF LINEA 85 B FREESTANDING (6562373894342)
ADF LINEA 85 B FREESTANDING (6562373894342)
ADF LINEA 85 B FREESTANDING (6562373894342)
ADF Linea 85 Freestanding Wood Fire (6562373894342)

ADF Linea 85 Freestanding Wood Fire

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Linea 85 is all about contemporary lines and a strong sense of style. Expertly constructed by some of the world’s finest craftsman ADF incorporates their heritage and time-honoured tradition into every design.

The Linea 85 provides a considerable 13.1kW of heat output with an average of 63% efficiency. Exhibiting all the traits that come with every ADF fire, these elegant fires combine a simplistic linear design with a 5mm steel firebox lined with high density firebricks. This automatically insulates the combustion chamber to allow for a superior heat reflection.

Manufactured in Europe the ADF Linea 85 B reflects their strong traditions of workmanship, all whilst beautifully and efficiently distributing comfort and warmth.
17.0kW ave Peak
Efficiency 70% peak [64% ave]
Coverage up to 250m²
Emissions 1.2 grams/kg
Flue 200mm

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