Charnwood Cranmore 7 (7630305689798)
Charnwood Cranmore 7 (7630305689798)
Charnwood Cranmore 7 (7630305689798)
Charnwood Cranmore 7 (7630305689798)
Charnwood Cranmore 7 (7630305689798)
Charnwood Cranmore 7 (7630305689798)

Charnwood Cranmore 7 Wood Heater

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Designed and manufactured on the Isle of Wight by Charnwood Stoves, the new Charnwood Cranmore 7 is the culmination of Charnwood’s fifty years of design and manufacturing expertise. Classically designed in the ‘French Provincial’ style, this heater features a large square glass, easy to use controls and exceptional features.

The Cranmore 7 is an easy to clean unit. This is due primarily to the slide out ash pan sitting at the bottom of the firebox. Simply slide it out, dump your ash (on the veggie patch for extra nutrients), and slide it back in. Easy. The firebox is vermiculite brick lined, meaning your fire stays warmer for longer. But these aren’t ordinary vermiculite bricks. The back bricks have air holes in them, giving you an exceptional afterburn. Afterburn is more impressive flames and more heat, meaning your Cranmore 7 wood heater keeps you warmer while looking better too.

With its 150mm spigot, the Cranmore 7 is a perfect fit for the standard 6-inch Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit from Pivot Stove & Heating. This is a flue kit designed for airtight homes to retain heat and is a perfect combination with the Cranmore 7’s ability to have outside air. This allows you to bring fresh air into your home, and keeps the oxygen in your home, in your home. With the Cranmore 7, you have the ultimate solution for airtight homes, keeping your warm air in your home all winter long.

The Charnwood Cranmore 7 is a fantastic unit with a brilliant heritage design. But don’t let its classical styling fool you. The sharp, clean lines suit it for even the most modern of home styles, and the technology underneath is truly 21st Century.





Heating Capacity





651mm x 535mm x 403mm



Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


Clearance to non-combustible


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