Leaf Razor Blades (6109076783302)
Leaf Razor Blades (6109076783302)
Leaf Razor (4690060836953) (6109076783302)
Leaf Razor (4690060836953) (6109076783302)
Leaf Razor (4690060836953) (6109076783302)

Leaf Razor Blades

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These blades are made from cold-forged steel, hardened and sharpened to a luxurious cutting edge. With the Leaf Razor, each double edge blade is as good as two. Snap them in the paper before loading them up in your Leaf Razor. or choose half blade pack already ready to load. The double edged blade are universal- compatible with any brand of safety razor.

Materials: Steel, paper packaging

Instructions: Snap them in half in the paper to ensure you don’t cut your fingers. Load into your Leaf Razor and you are good to go.

New: SINGLE EDGE BLADES so you won’t have to mess around with snapping them in half like you would with a standard double-edge safety razor blade. Plus, Leaf blades have been finely tuned to provide the perfect balance between closeness and comfort.

Why safety razor blades? Pure steel construction means they can be recycled closing the loop for a truly zero-waste shave. And their size and price makes them efficient. Better for you, better for the earth.

Collect the used blades in our recycling tin to make your low waste shaving even more zero waste.

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