VLAZE Wall Heat Shield (6559836766406)
VLAZE Hearth 1,050mm x 1,050mm (6551238017222) (6559836766406)
VLAZE Hearth 1,050mm x 1,050mm (6551238017222) (6559836766406)
VLAZE Hearth 1,050mm x 1,050mm (6551238017222) (6559836766406)

VLAZE Wall Heat Shield

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The VLAZE HEAT SHIELDS are designed to reduce the rear clearance of any wood heater by 80%
Simple to install, they come with 2 x wall brackets – and the wall screen just hangs on the wall. These are great if you have a wood heater that has a massive rear (or side) clearance you need to reduce.

Available in 3 finishes;
Enamel Black
Enamel Crackle ( aged enamel look )
Enamel Splatter 

Designed to AS/NZ2918 - these double skinned heat shields will reduce any make of model wood heaters clearances to combustible walls

To calculate how much you can reduce the rear clearance is easy.
CURRENT rear clearance x 0.2 = NEW clearance
Or simply put, take off 80% off your clearance. 

A high end, baked enameled finish hearth are designed for the home that DEMANDS attention

These hearts are all tested and approved for any make or model wood heater

You can also match these to the VLAZE Hearths


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