Homemade Dishwasher Powder Recipe

Shake it and use it. It's that easy.

Plastic surrounds us! And there are some everyday packaged products that we go through more often than we would like. Dishwasher tablets are extremely expensive but a homemade recipe can get the job done and look way better.

Buying an eco friendly dishwasher tablet that comes in a cardboard box is certainly better. But the option we like best is to bypass the packaging all together by making this dishwasher powder recipe at home.


Bonuses to using DIY dishwasher powder

  • It's easy. There's only four ingredients!
  • It’s fragrance-free unless you choose to add essential oil
  • It’s a far more environmentally friendly alternative to premade products that need to be manufactured through several processes and packaged in plastic.
  • It’s a more natural dishwasher powder product compared to expensive commercial chemical-laden alternatives.
  • It takes just minutes to make.
  • IT LOOKS WAY CUTER! Display it in a glass jar or any antique vessel that seals.
Eco products for dishes


    1 Cup washing soda
    1 Cup bicarb soda
    1 Cup citric acid
    ½ Cup salt
    Optional essential oil



    Place ingredients in a jar or container. Shake or stir well to combine.


    How to use

    Add one tablespoon per load in the main detergent compartment. You can also place the detergent in the bottom of the dishwasher. For the best performance, use it with a hot water cycle.

    TOP TIP: For extra dirty or heavy loads, place a small dish of white vinegar (1/8-1/4 cup) on the top rack of your dishwasher.


    Where to get the recipe ingredients

    We sell these ingredients packaging-free in our store located at 9 Minna Street, Albany, Western Australia. We offer a great price and you can buy however much you like, whether that is just enough for the recipe or larger amounts.

    You can bring in any clean container and we will help you at our weigh and pay station. If you don't have a container, we have paper bags and some free recycled jars available. You'll want to seal the product in an airtight container to prevent it from absorbing moisture.

    If you don't live near our store you will find these ingredients in a grocery store or a health food store but they will likely come in packaging.


    Does it really work?

    Depending on the sort of dishwasher and quality of water that you have, this may leave a slight chalky residue on your dishes. While most people love-love-lurve it, if you find this formula does not work perfectly for you, you can try one of our ready-made products. Kin Kin Dishwasher Powder is available in bags on our online store or visit us instore for another readymade product available package-free from our weigh and pay station.

    More eco alternatives for the kitchen

    If you enjoy swapping out everyday products for eco alternatives, we have a lot of products for you to consider. Come instore in Albany, Western Australia or buy from our online store.


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