Homemade Toilet Bombs

Looking to step up the décor of your loo room?

That's not something people often say out loud but having a tidy toilet room with decoration that also has a practical use is the bomb!

These DIY toilet bombs are a hit with kids and 'big kids'. There's even a chance they might start cleaning the loo too often! 😉


Why try toilet bombs?

  • There's only three ingredients!
  • They're fragrance-free unless you choose to add essential oil
  • They're an environmentally friendly alternative to toilet cleaning products that come in plastic packaging from faraway lands
  • They’re a more natural toilet cleaner product than commercial chemical-laden alternatives.
  • They take just minutes to make (and only 4 hours to set)
  • THEY'RE SO MUCH FUN! Pop one in the loo, leave it to fizz for a moment, then scrub.

DIY Toilet Bomb Recipe


1 Cup baking soda
¼ Cup citric acid
1 Tablespoon dishwashing liquid



    Add baking soda and citric acid to large bowl. Mix in dish liquid until well combined.

    Press your concoction into ice cube trays. Leave to set for 4 hours then store in an airtight container.

    How to use

    Throw one in the loo to fizz a moment, then scrub.

    Where to get the recipe ingredients

    We sell these ingredients packaging-free in our store located at 9 Minna Street, Albany, Western Australia. We offer a great price and you can buy however much you like, whether that is just enough for the recipe or larger amounts.

    You can bring in any clean container and we will help you at our weigh and pay station. If you don't have a container, we have paper bags and some free recycled jars available.

    If you don't live near our store you might find these ingredients in a grocery store or a health food store but they will likely come in portioned packaging.


    More eco alternatives for the bathroom

    If you enjoy swapping out every day products for eco alternatives, we have a lot of bathroom products for you to consider. Come instore in Albany, Western Australia or browse our online store.

    Some other bathroom products to consider would be plastic-free toilet brushes, plastic free toilet paper (instore only) and natural soap blocks.

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