Parker Safety Razor (1957409882163)
Parker Safety Razor (1957409882163)
Parker Safety Razor (1957409882163)
Parker Safety Razor (1957409882163)
Parker Safety Razor (1957409882163)
Parker Safety Razor (1957409882163)
Parker Safety Razor (1957409882163)

Parker Safety Razor

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Parker Safety Razors are unisex reusable razors, suitable for face or body shaving. The razors come in a range of designs and styles- the main difference is the length/weight. All razors have a butterfly door mechanism for changing blades which is activated by turning the knob at the bottom of the razor. Parker brand safety razors are great for both new and seasoned wet shaving enthusiasts. The 29L and 99R are the most popular with their highly textured surface providing great grip in wet shower environments. 

Compatible with Astra or Shark double edge blades (sold separately)

Handle material: Genuine brass framed, chrome plated


The Parker 29L is a lighter-weight safety razor

Available in Chrome, Pink, or Lavender

Weight: 82grams

Length: 11.2cm


The Parker 95R is a middle weight safety razor

Weight: 86grams

Length: 11cm


The Parker 99R is a heavyweight razor in Chrome

Weight: 100grams

Length: 11cm


The Parker 76R is a heavyweight safety razor in a stylish anodised black. 

Weight: 113grams

Length: 10.1cm

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